Bunker Shots for Newbies

The Ultimate Golf Sand Trap Shot Guide for Beginners

Do you think that golf bunker shots are the bane of your existence? That might be a little dramatic, but, when your ball is on the beach, it can be a stressful moment.

When it’s time to hit the ball out of the bunker, a lot of thoughts can swarm a beginner’s mind.

Here are some bunker shot tips on how to drive a golf ball for beginner golfers.

Golf Ball in Sands

These feelings of uncertainty are normal for beginners. We all have them. Golf bunker shots are not an easy task for beginners.

I remember my starting sand bunker shots – I was scared I was going to kill someone with my ball!

However, with some advice I prepared for you today, you’ll figure out how to play a bunker shot in no time.

It takes practice, of course, and a little know-how, but, just like me, you’ll soon be able to brag about your excellent hitting out of the bunker.

Bunker Shots Made Easy for Newbies:

If you have doubts about how to hit bunker shots, I got some simple advice that covers the basics of sand bunker shots. Put this advice to the test on the golf course or in the practice area.

My bunker shot tips will lower your score in no time! Gone are the times of botched sand bunker shots and “Yasser Arafat” shots (ugly and still in the sand).

Close Up of Golf Player Pitching Ball in Bunker

Golf Bunker Shots – Why are They so Complicated?

It’s all about the technique. The difficulties of sand bunker shots lie in:

  • Skimming the ball like a chip
  • Hitting with the wrong club
  • The incomplete swing (not following through)
  • The fact that the bounce and the width of the club aren’t fat enough
  • The fact that the hands and arms are overly tense

How to Drive a Golf Ball

  • The Club

When I was at the very beginning of my golfing adventure, I found it’s best to use a 56° or 58° Sand Wedge. If you’re a bit more experienced, you can try out the Lob Wedge.

However, I recommend the sand wedges because their bounce and sole are the more appropriate choice for slapping the sand.

Golf Shot From Sand Bunker Golfer Hitting Ball From Hazard

  • The Stance and Setup

I always align my feet left of the target. It’s best to practice how to play a bunker shot in the practice bunker and see what distance works for you. Anywhere between two and ten feet is best.

As for the clubface, make sure that the leading edge is pointing at the hole. You can also lead slightly to the right of the hole, but no more than a couple of yards.

I play my ball off the front foot. I tend to line it up with my heel because that way the clubface is open and my hands are set behind the ball.

However, you can choose to line it up with your toe, and the results will be the same. Try to pick the option that works better for you.

Your hands should always be behind the ball. I recommend gripping down on the club about two inches from the top.

  • Hitting out of the bunker

Here’s one of the best bunker shot tips – imagine that a cushion is laying under your ball. This imaginary cushion is one inch behind, a couple of inches in front, and an inch to each side of the ball.

You should hit the pillow of sand and deliver your ball to the green on it.

Golf Ball in Trap With Sand Wedge About to Strike the Golfball

Therefore, when you hit your ball, you’ll penetrate the sand an inch behind the ball (where the imaginary cushion starts). The crucial thing is to follow through.

Do not, under any circumstances, stop when you hit the sand. The best I can describe the feeling of perfect sand bunker shots is skipping stones on the water. The sole should slap the sand. Then you finish the shot like any other.

I always swing my club so that it follows the line of my feet, left of the target because it is the most natural progression from the open stance.

When I talk about how to drive a golf ball for beginner golfers, I always tell them to swing the club and imagine that the head is going back and then forward while staying parallel to the feet line.

How to Hit a Sand Shot – Slapping the Sand

When you are hitting golf bunker shots, the music to your ears should be the sound of the sole slapping the sand. If you hear it, you know you’ve got a winner shot.

So, to summarise the bunker shot tips. The club will penetrate the sand behind the ball, then back and along the line of your feet, always with a follow through after the shot.

A Few Words for the Road – To Conclude

Golf bunker shots aren’t easy for beginners. However, if you follow my advice and keep practicing, you’ll never wonder how to hit a sand shot again. It will become second nature to you.

Always remember:

  • Sand wedge should be either 56° or 58°
  • Line up your feet to the left of the target
  • The club should be lined up slightly to the right and with an open face
  • Swing it along the line of your feet
  • Imagine the cushion and hit the sand two inches behind the ball
  • Always follow through

You only need to trust the process and follow the steps I gave you.

Just like me, you’ll never find yourself dreading the golf bunker shots again.

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