How to Putt a Golf Ball Properly

A Step by Step Guide with Putting Tips and Drills

Today I present to you some practical golf putting techniques and golf putting tips for beginners. A naturally occurring putting stroke can be very complicated.

So, keep on reading to see how to become a better putter. Find out how to fix putting alignment with a few simple tips I prepared.

Golf Putting

However, before you master the putting golf definition, you’ll need two things. Firstly, a coin with a straight line on it. And secondly, a golf ball with a stripe on it.

Now that you have the tools, here are the six steps on how to hit a golf ball correctly and how to putt in golf.

Step 1 – Approach the green.

While you’re advancing toward the green, look where the hole is. Assess if it’s uphill or downhill from your ball.

Check if the ball is on a higher or lower tier to the pin. Also, confirm if the terrain is uphill or downhill when the ball passes the hole.

You’re in luck if you’re putting uphill because then you can be more aggressive with your simple putting stroke. However, hit the ball more delicately if your putt is downhill.

Pro Golf Player Aiming Shot With Club on Course

Step 2 – Mark the ball and guess the line.

Try to imagine an arbitrary line between your ball and the hole. Don’t bother with precision, for now. You can adjust the line two more times in the following steps.

If you’re putting right to the left, place your striped coin so that it points to the right side of the hole.

If you’re putting left to the right, do the opposite. Then, pick up the ball and check your alignment.

Step 3 – Read the Green

I like to step back after I’ve marked the ball with the striped coin. That way, I can look at the line I think the putt will take to the hole and reassess or change previous putt markings.

Step 4 – Remark and Aim the ball

What you want to do next is look where the coin stripe is pointed and the ground between the ball and the hole. Then decide on the line you want to hit your ball on.

Always check if the coin stripe is pointing at the hole. If it isn’t, put the ball down again and re-aim your coin stripe.

Golf Putting Green With Balls on Predicted Line to Hole

One of the best golf putting tips for beginners is to find a blemish or discoloration on the grass that’s on the path of your imaginary line and line up your coin stripe to that mark.

When it’s your turn to putt, put the ball down and line up the stripe on the ball with the stripe on the coin. That way, the ball will be aligned with your chosen putting line.

That is an excellent tip on how to fix putting alignment. You can also try out some putter alignment drills at the practice area beforehand.

Step 5 – Take a couple of practice strokes to measure the distance.

Make sure you put enough distance between yourself and the ball while you’re doing your practice strokes.

I like to look at the hole while practicing my strokes so I can feel the distance.

That way, I can assess the amount of power it will take to hit the ball past the hole. Visualisation is key here. I envision my ball going along my putting line and curving into the middle of the cup.

Pro Golfer Training Drill Skill Putting Golf Ball to Hole

That will depend on whether the distance to the hole is uphill or downhill. Feeling the green is all about practice, so you might want to come beforehand and check the terrain out.

Step 6 – Putting the ball

Now that you’ve figured out how to fix putting alignment you can finally hit the ball. But, first, the most crucial tip on how to become a better putter.

For putts inside ten feet, it’s essential that you never lift your head up. Don’t sneak a peak in hopes of watching your ball go into the cup.

Relly on hearing it. Plainly put – wait for the rattle. Moving your head at the crucial moment will cause you to miss even an uncomplicated putting stroke.

The setup of the head movements

It’s imperative, so I’ll repeat it – do not lift your head. Wait for the rattle to make sure you’ve had a successful putt.

When it comes to golf putting techniques, you can practice an open or a closed stance, you can swing your putter any way you like, but your head must stay still.

The setup of body and stance

You should close your left eye directly over the ball. Or, as close as you can, of course.

Your hands should be ahead of the ball, and the shaft should lean forward. Again, this can’t be that precise, so figure out the distance that works best for you.

This way, you’ll roll the ball forward without any backspin on it. Furthermore, the ball won’t bounce or skid along the green. Skidding will mess up your simple putting stroke.

If you’re wondering how to become a better putter, the key tip is to stay still. Only your shoulders and arms should move.

No wrist, leg, or head movement should be involved, and your eyes should be glued to the place your ball was at before you hit it.

How to make short putts – putting stroke types

Short putts, within four feet, are incredibly frustrating. There are some golf putting techniques you can use to fix your unsuccessful short putts.

Practice these techniques thoroughly before you try them out on the court.

Fixing one-foot putts

You should aim for the center of the cup and hit hard without lifting your head. A firm stroke is critical.

Fixing two to four-foot putts

Aim for a particular spot inside the hole and go neither left nor right. Your hit should be firm, and the ball should hit the back of the cup. That way, there won’t be any breaks.

To hit it correctly, place the put right on the cup. Then, and I can’t stress this enough, keep your head down and wait for the rattle!

Stroking short putts

If you want to be aggressive on the short putts, use a short backswing, and a long follow through.

You can even let the ball slam dunk into the cup. It’s best to practice these golf putting techniques in advance.

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A few words before you hit the course.

Advice on how to hit a golf ball correctly is abundant.

The best golf putting tips for beginners on how to fix putting alignment and nail that simple putting stroke are:

● Note the ball and hole when approaching the green
● Mark the ball with your striped coin
● Read the green and decide on the line
● Adjust the alignment
● Practice your strokes
● Hit the ball without lifting your head
● Wait for the rattle

That’s it! Now you know to professionally putt a golf ball!

Go out there and show your skills!

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